Seventh post

Finally the work is almost done, YAY

The task was short and sweet which I really need with down the last couple of hours to finish my final project. I like the list with all the software where teachers could use for teaching their lessons and engaging with students. I bet the list would grow as time goes by because its to day’s trend of technology. I enjoyed writing my last overall summary because I got to express what my final thoughts are, too bad it was limited to 500 words. I could have mumbled on. but anyway on to do my final project and hopefully get to upload it on time and also see what others are doing because they are awesome teachers.

Thanks for all the challenges, Milissa!


Sixth post

Assessment and exploration

I love the technology of students working on their own. This way the students get to engage with what they have learned and applying to technology devices to show how much they do know what the concepts. Bloom Digital Taxonomy. Students rather use technology to interact with one another and to create presentations. They like to take selfies and applying or should I say commenting to what they learn. Students have learned allot at home using gaming devices and cellphones or tablets. I have my own kids bothering to get iTunes cards or Microsoft points or live, the list goes on. See that! they don’t ask for a trip to town or wanting to go to outings. This could mean teachers might have to spend on these application to get the better access of the best assessment tools the students are using because some students may want to do their best on these presentations. How would a teacher mark if they start doing this so we need to step back and monitor the students presentations and tell them some rules that they must use what the teacher expects them to do without having to spend any dollars to best better applications. In closing I love the matrix and because I learn by seeing and by seeing blooms assessment strategies would benefit the students cognitive skills.

Fifth Post


I have past experience about using BYOD because I always had to take away their devices from the students, which I wonder how would be like if all school was mandatory to bring or provide a device or all students to use during classes, with certain grade of course. Personally, living with an environment with parents having past issues and now carried by their children would be uncertain possibilities. Yes it would benefit the education and it the devices are only used for education purpose only would be a dream coming true. But reality sucks. But if the students and parents are aware of the rules, policies and regulations and consequences are in place, I think everything would be fine, with a few bumpy roads here and there but hey its reality, right? and its not easy to live or work in a semi isolated place because everyone had to get along even though we don’t like or not. Eventually, teachers will have to deal with all the students world and we need to prepare what the world throws at us, yes even if its a DEVICE.

Fourth Post

Digital Citizenship

Mmm, This caught me thinking about the reality of cyber bullying. I know allot of students are hurting themselves when they think they are defending themselves by retaliating about their personal lives by using social media. I know allot of times it comes to the school and the students would have a feud about what had happened about their weekend. Students would try anything to get attention when other students know about their personal lives and I know teachers had a tough time teaching. Living in a First Nations community, everyone knows everyone and everyone knows who lives where and practically Facebook is one big place to get the drama. From my previous job as a liaison worker, I used to get calls from either the parents or others asking me to look out for their child. Meaning the weekend events. My usually plan was to warn all the teachers who teaches the students to keep an eye on which students and to get ready for an action plan if anything happened. I noticed myself being a bodyguard protecting both parties. I have learned allot from the students, parent and teachers. on how to prevent and intervene, as to protect all students and the school. One time I got kicked and scratched on my face while two teenage girls fighting in the hallway. So my fellow co students get ready for anything because what happens out of school using ends up at school. I had a wonderful five years working in my community despite all the drama.

Third Post

How do they make a post within a post? Could someone teach me this, please. especially with my reading responses. I want to organize they with what I have been submitting by each assigned week. HELP!

The assignment had more links and it was time consuming because there is a lot of information about the what was on Module 4. I wouldn’t have the motivation to finish this assignment without the help of the group assignment. So I thank Ruby, Lorena and Bernadette for their help on finishing this assignment. I want to thank Melissa for the guidance because your task assignment list helps us to finish our work.